How simple is it to make your holiday pay for themselves with Airbnb?

The idea of renting out your home while you are off on holiday is still fairly new and the perceived effort involved can put most people off the idea. The simple fact is that the process has become increasingly simple and efficient thanks to online platforms such as Airbnb and property management agencies that are especially designed to cope with short-term lets. At Bedspoke we offer a service that caters for exactly that. We offer a service that satisfied both the hosts and guests, enabling hosts to do short-term lets and generate more income while they are off on holiday while at the same time ensuring that guests are properly taken care off during their stay.

With Airbnb the process of finding guests and taking bookings could not be any easier, all you have to do is open an account and create a profile for your property and you're ready to go. Click here to create your account. All you have to do then is wait for the enquiries to come in and confirm the bookings. Other reasons why Airbnb has become increasingly popular with homeowners is that it also offers a host guarantee. in case of breakages or theft of up to £600,000. Taking all that into account, if you are looking to take on more than one or two bookings the management process can really put some people off the idea of short term lets because of the effort involved. 

How to make your holidays pay for themselves with Airbnb

How much hassle is really involved in managing your own guests?

 If you are looking to rent your home for a week or less the management process is kept to a minimum and you will very likely get away with asking your friendly neighbour and friends to keep an eye on the property and possibly even carry out a check in or two if and when they are available to do so.

The check-in, the on-going care and the check-out process - this could be a matter of calling your neighbour around to hand over keys but in reality the check-in tends to be slightly trickier. The guests very often do not arrive at the time they originally planned to arrive due to a whole range of unenforceable circumstances. From slightly to very delayed flights, busy customs, finding their way around airports/stations, traffic, etc.

Having someone around in case anything goes wrong - depending on how lucky you are with neighbours and friends you might be able to find someone to be around to keep an eye on your property. This is always a good idea as you can simply never know when an appliance may break down or the guests might get themselves locked out.

How much hassle is involved in managing your own Airbnb listing?

So how can the Bedspoke property management help?

At Bedspoke we offer to manage the whole process involved in short term property management.  There are a number of benefits to using our services:

1. Handling enquiries - we have a dedicated team that is focused on dealing with enquiries as they come in. It is very important to note that guests will very often shop around and make a number of enquiries and the host that comes back to them soonest and comes across as the most welcoming will most likely get their business. Each interaction with guests also involves answering a number of questions that might involve varying degrees of research which can be very time consuming. Also take into account that most interactions with guests will take between 1 and 3 days before guests make a final decision. Based on your requirements we also vet guests and ensure they will be responsible and respectful of your property.

2. Check-ins and checkouts - one of the key components of an enjoyable holiday is to feel welcomed and have that feeling of being taken care of. At Bedspoke we do our best to ensure that guests feel welcome and are properly introduced to the ins and outs of the property as well as the surrounding area. Furthermore the same person is responsible for getting in touch with guests before their arrival to ensure a smooth check-in. That same person is then responsible for ensuring guests are enjoying their stay and are available if any help is needed at any time. This has a number of benefits, it encourages guests to take extra care of the property as they have interacted with and met the person responsible for the property, it also adds to the experience the guests have of your property which encourages them to give very positive feedback and reviews. This is possibly the most important factor in generating very positive reviews which will guarantee a greater number of bookings and interest for your property in the future.

3. Having someone available in case of emergencies - if there is any form of emergency we are available at all times to take calls, that it be lost keys, a broken appliance or even help with guests finding their way home. We have a track record of sorting issues within minutes and have always ended up with very satisfied and grateful guests.

4. Managing cleaners and laundry - we ensure that the cleaners go in with a clean set of laundry as soon as guests move out, ensuring that your property is kept at its best at all times. We also provide our own luxury towels and linen which goes towards giving guests a more luxurious experience, this also means they will not be using your best linen while you are away.

5. Guests actually prefer booking with Bedspoke - this might come as a surprise but in actual fact guests very often come across all kinds of properties when they are looking to book on Airbnb. We offer guests a whole collection of very positive feedback and reviews which reflects our level of service. This combined with the knowledge that they will be taken care of at all times encourages guests to book our listings over other competing property listings.

What steps are there to signing up with Bedspoke?

 The process is very simple and can be completed within an afternoon, all you need to do is send us an email or give us a call here to find out if we can help with your property and answer any questions you might have. Once this is done we will come and visit your property to see if the property meets our own requirements such as dates, location, etc. If you are satisfied with what we have to offer we will then draw up a contract and finalize the process. From then on all you will have to do is pass over the keys and prepare your property for rentals.