Want to get the most out of Airbnb? Here are a few tips on how to optimise your listing

Optimizing your Airbnb listing is much simpler than you may think and the difference it can make can be considerable. The easiest way of course is to let someone else do it for you, here at Bedspoke that's just one of the services we offer in our full management package.


Develop your personal Airbnb profile as much as possible

Add as much information as you can and aim to give a broad summary of who you are, your personality and interests. The objective is to come across as approachable and friendly. Make sure to add friendly smiley pictures in the profile as this is the first thing guests will see. Always take into account that guests are faced with countless other listings and profiles and a friendly approachable profile can make the difference between generating an enquiry and guests skipping on to the next listing.

Highlight the positive characteristics of your property listing

This is an obvious one, make sure the property description highlights and strengthens the positive characteristics of your property listing and don't forget to highlight the location and neighbourhood and all the attractions close by. Make sure to also mention the maybe less glamorous aspects of your property that might be of interest to guests during their stay. Mentioning the floor it is on or that there is normally a cat home ensures that guests will not turn on you once they are writing their own review about their experience.  

Encourage friends, family and guests to write recommendations for your profile

This goes a long way when you are starting off on Airbnb as they act as reviews in their own way. The best thing to do is to encourage friends and family to write recommendations that focus on your approachability, friendliness and past experience hosting and helping people. 

stand out from the crowd airbnb

Use that professional Airbnb photographer

Each time you create a new listing on Airbnb you are entitled to a free professional photographer to come to your home and take quality pictures that look incredible on Airbnb. It's easy to book, simply sign into your Airbnb account and go to the photography option here. All you need to do then is click on the property you want to book the photography shoot for. The difference it can make is astonishing as it is usually the first and only way people will judge your listing.

Make sure to offer the basic luxuries expected by guests

These are always seemingly insignificant things that if you don't have will likely put guests off. This includes a hairdryer, a microwave, kettle, coffee maker, toaster, soaps & shampoo. It also goes a long way to add that little personal touch such as fresh flowers or a bottle of wine in the fridge.

Give the property a good clean

Give the place a good spring clean and make sure not to miss any spots guests are likely to come across when they are using the different appliances within the property. Guests can be extremely fussy when it comes to cleanliness and take into account that a dirty cutlery drawer will be seen by guests as a dirty apartment. It's only as good as its weakest link.

 Make sure there are no hazards around the house

Go around the house and make sure nothing is about to fall off or that is on the verge of breaking. Pay special attention to shelves, appliances, steps, floorboards, and any other dangers such as exposed wiring or dodgy looking wiring on old appliances and lamps. The last thing you need is for something to happen to your guests.

When you start off on Airbnb offer lower prices than the competition

If you are aiming to become a mid to long-term user of Airbnb and will be listing your property for a number of weeks and months one of the first things to do is generate as many reviews as possible. This creates a strong momentum from the very start and will guarantee a greater number of bookings on the long run. The best way to go about this is to price your listing slightly lower than the competition. Once you generate a healthy number of bookings start putting the price up to reflect the actual value you should be listing at. To find the competitor's prices simply search for similar properties around your neighbourhood and find out what they are charging. Airbnb also offers to set the price automatically but this is not always recommended as it can be very inaccurate depending on the area. 

Get back to enquiries and any messages as soon as possible

Furthermore make sure to respond to everything no matter the message. This is all seen very positively by Airbnb and will help in the way you will be ranked when guests are looking up the listings they are interested in. Responding to guests as soon as possible also helps make the whole booking process smoother and adds to the overall experience the guests will have. The other obvious benefit is that guests are actually more likely to book with you as it is very likely they are looking at a number of listings at the same time. Remember that the first to get back and engage with guests is more likely to get the booking.

Get back to your guests as soon as possible airbnb

Take care of your guests during their stay

It really makes a difference if your guests feel they are taken care off during their stay. Ideally this would simply involve an email or two during their stay and an efficient and smooth check-in and check out. This also helps identify any issues as soon as possible before they become major issues and the greater contact with the guests will encourage them to give positive feedback once they have checked out.

Write reviews for guests as soon as they have checked out

The sooner you write a review for guests after they have checked out the more likely you are to receive a review in return as they still have the experience fresh in their minds. It can also help to let the guests know you have written a review for them and at the same time thank them for their custom.


What can a short-term property management agency such as Bedspoke do to help?

At Bedspoke we pride ourselves on offering a unique bespoke service to hosts that is friendly, efficient and hassle-free. Our services take away all the hassle associated with short-term lets while at the same time allowing hosts and homeowners the chance to benefit from that extra income generated through short-term rentals. We handle the whole management process and aim to offer the best in every aspect of the management process. At Bedspoke we take care of everything, from guests screening, optimizing the Airbnb profile, handling enquiries, checking-ins and checkouts, checking up on guests, managing the cleaners and laundry to writing reviews and being available at all times to resolve any issues. If you are interested in our services at Bedspoke don't hesitate in getting in touch.