Airbnb in London. Why you should seriously be thinking of hosting your property on Airbnb!

Using Airbnb as a short-term rental platform in London has become common place - it's a proven and tested system and it works!

Airbnb has now become the standard with regards to short-term lets in London, and it's incredibly simple to use and set up. There was a time when the idea of letting out your home to strangers for those few weeks you were away was unthinkable, you would surely end up with snoopy, disrespectful guests that would ruin your home. Since Airbnb started operating in London this myth has been put to rest, guests are in general very respectful of their hosts and the properties they stay in. The most likely scenario is that guests will be spending the minimum amount of time in the properties as they are there to discover the city and enjoy the sights.

The thing to note is that the more you take care of your guests and ensure they are enjoying their stay the more likely they are to treat your home with respect and leave it tidy.


The Airbnb experience is becoming increasingly popular with both hosts and guests!

Airbnb has gained some real momentum in London and is still growing at a considerable pace. Due to its simple platform, ease of use and positive feedback the number of hosts and guests has increased drastically.

The thing to highlight is that now is the time to sign up to Airbnb before the platform becomes swamped with competing hosts. As the booking process for guests is highly dependent on reviews the sooner you sign up to Airbnb and generate your own reviews the more attractive your listing becomes to guests in the future.


Airbnb offers incredible protection when compared with other online platforms

Airbnb is the only platform that really goes out of its way to make you feel at ease with letting out your home out to strangers. First of all the platform lets you sift through the enquiries and only accept the ones that you feel comfortable with. If you only feel comfortable renting your home out to families you can do exactly that! Airbnb offers host protection coverage of up to £600 000 every time guests are staying in your property. You can also chose to demand a deposit every time a booking is made. This is highly recommended and ensured guests take extra care of your property.

handing over keys with airbnb


The Airbnb platform is incredibly easy to use for both hosts and guests

The platform is focused on being user friendly for both hosts and guests, especially when it comes to setting up accounts and managing enquiries. Furthermore it's so simple to use that the whole enquiry process can be done from your phone. Guests can send you a message on Airbnb as part of their enquiry and this message will be send to your phone via a text message, if you wish you can then reply to them via text message and this will come up on their Airbnb message box. 


If you have any issues Airbnb is always ready to help!

It might sound like nothing but having someone to help at all times really makes a difference, and that is exactly what Airbnb offers. If you go to the help section on Airbnb you can ask them any question that comes to mind and they'll get back to you within minutes. 


How to benefit from hosting your property on Airbnb without even being in town!

Airbnb management agencies in London such as Bedspoke cater for exactly that; home owners that want to benefit from making an income from their empty properties while they are off on holiday or simply not available to manage the short-term lets.

At Bedspoke we take care of the whole process, from setting up the property profile on Airbnb, screening and managing inquiries, to cleaning, 24/7 issue resolution and check-outs. All you need to do is get in touch and give us the dates you'll be away and we'll sort out the rest.